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Credit and Debit Cards

Visa Secure is a system that provides improved security when using your Visa Debit Card or Visa Credit Card for an online purchase.

Your card will be recognised as a Verified Secure enabled card when you shop online at a Verified Secure merchant. You may then be asked to confirm your identity by entering additional personal information previously supplied to Defence Bank. Transactions are approved once this information is validated.

The following tips are designed to further enable you to assist Defence Bank to protect your funds when using Visa Debit or Credit cards with a Personal Identification Number (PIN):

  • Sign your card as soon as it arrives
  • Make sure that your card is kept in a safe place
  • Always keep an eye on your card during every transaction
  • Never lend your card to anyone
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone
  • Do not keep your PIN with your card
  • Prevent anyone seeing your card number and PIN being entered at ATMs and EFTPOS terminals
  • Choose a PIN that is hard for other people to guess — never use your birth date or telephone number
  • Open statements as soon as you get them and reconcile your account monthly
  • Destroy your card by cutting it in pieces when it expires
  • Keep your card number and contact details for lost or stolen cards together in a safe place
  • Report lost or stolen cards straight away
  • If you are expecting a credit or debit card in the mail and it does not arrive within a reasonable time, call Defence Bank on 1800 033 139


Refer to our DPS for full details.

Call 1800 033 139
BSB 833-205