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Symantec VIP

How to setup VIP Access:

  1. On your mobile phone or tablet, you’ll need to install VIP Access. You can do that by going to the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and download the VIP Access App for free, or by going to in your mobile web browser. You will need Internet access on your mobile phone.
  2. Login to Defence Bank Online Banking on your device using your usual password.
  3. Click on the Maintenance tab in the top left hand corner.
  4. Select ’Register VIP Access’ on the left hand menu.
  5. Enter your current secondary TA password.
  6. A screen will appear asking you to register your mobile phone. Enter the credential ID of your device. This number appears when you open the VIP Access App.
  7. Enter the security code from your device as per the onscreen instructions.
  8. Wait 30 seconds then enter the second security code.
  9. You’re now registered with Symantec™ Validation & ID Protection (VIP)

Can I transfer VIP Access to another device?

If you buy a new device, or lose your phone, you cannot transfer VIP Access to your new device. You will receive a new credential ID and need to re-register VIP Access, to do this contact Defence Bank on 1800 033 139

Need Help?

If you need assistance with setting up or syncing your VIP Access App, please call us on 1800 033 139, 8am-8pm weekdays.

Please email for all enquiries outside of these hours.

Call 1800 033 139