Secure banking

Internet security

The following tips have been supplied to enable you to assist Defence Bank to protect your funds when using Online Banking:

  • Ensure you run the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software at all times
  • Never provide your password or account details to anyone as a result of an unsolicited email or other form (Defence Bank will never ask for your password)
  • Ensure you are dealing with the correct site - - by logging in directly from your browser
  • Change your password often (do not use obvious options, especially birth dates)
  • Do not disclose or keep a record of your password
  • Never let anyone see you logging in
  • Ensure you log out and close down at the end of your Online Banking session, particularly if you are using a common access computer
  • When you login to Online Banking, confirm your last login details (found on the welcome screen)
  • If you feel your Online Banking security has been compromised, contact Defence Bank immediately to arrange a new password. Call 1800 033 139 or visit your local branch

Internet scams

  • Never open suspicious emails or attachments
  • Never divulge your personal account and Online Banking information to anyone who contacts, approaches or emails you
  • Changes to our web address or access sites will never be communicated to you via email. If you find a suspicious webpage that attempts to represent Defence Bank, call 1800 033 139.
  • Do not send your personal details, birth certificates and copies of your signature or other information to anyone other than for valid reasons
  • Be suspicious of any correspondence from overseas where you have been advised to forward large sums of money or that you have won a prize
  • To find out more about Internet scams, visit

Call 1800 033 139