FAQ's - redi2PAY

- How do I set up the redi2PAY app on my device?
After downloading the app from the Google Play Store you will need to follow the prompts from the app to register your device with us. During this process you will select the card account you want linked to the app and choose a passcode. This must be done before the app can be used for purchases.

- How do I use the redi2PAY app once it’s installed?
After you’ve registered your account and selected a passcode you are ready to use the app for purchases at participating merchants. Simply open the app and enter your passcode – this enables purchases to be made. When you are ready to complete your purchase, check that the purchase amount is displaying correctly and hold the back of your device against the contactless terminal.

- Can I still use the app when the app screen is closed?
Yes. Once you’ve switched the Redi2PAY app on and entered your passcode the device is in an “enabled” state and will remain so even if you open another screen. You have the option to log out of the app immediately after making a purchase, or the app will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of non-use as a security precaution.

- How do I know that the redi2PAY app is secure?
The app works in the same way as Visa payWave technology. You have the power to choose when the app is enabled for purchases and when it is not. As an added security measure, there is also a maximum amount you can purchase using the app.

- Is there a limit on how much I can spend using redi2PAY?
Yes. The current limit for purchases is $100 per transaction, up to a total of $300 per day.

- What do I do if my Android device is lost or stolen?
As long as the app was disabled at the time your account will be secure. If you are at all unsure please contact us on 1800 033 139 and we can place a hold on the account.

- How do I know if the store will allow me to use the redi2PAY app for my purchases?
The app is accepted anywhere that Visa payWave is enabled.

- How many times can I use the app in a day?
You can currently make a maximum of 10 contactless purchases on your card account each day – this covers both the redi2PAY app and Visa payWave using your card.

- Will Defence Bank charge me to use the redi2PAY app?
No, Defence Bank will not charge you any additional fees to those currently existing on your account. Please be aware that you may incur data charges from your telecommunications and internet provider.

- Can I link all of my accounts to the redi2PAY app?
No, you can only link 1 card to your Android device at a time. You can change the card account you have linked to the device by using the “device deregister” function in the app. You will then be able to select a new card account to link to your device and a new passcode.

- How do I know what I’m agreeing to with the app?
All the terms and conditions for use are available when you first use the app to register your device and you cannot proceed with registration without confirming acceptance of the Terms of Use.

- Can I use the app on an iPhone or iOS device?
No, this technology is currently only available on Android as iOS does not support this technology at present.

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