Definitely. If you’re already a member and the account is only in your name, you can log into your online banking and open a new account under the ‘Apply’ section, or you can give us a call. If it’s a joint account, we can send you both the form to complete. If you’re not yet a member, you can join now and open accounts during the set up process.

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Our Everyday Access account is free from account keeping, domestic transactional and transfer fees. Some fees that apply are if the account is used incorrectly, such as EFT decline fees and direct debit dishonours. There are also overseas fees, some ATMs and merchant fees. For a full overview, have a look at our domestic and overseas fees and charges schedules.


Even though we’ve traditionally focused on the Australian Defence Force, you don’t have to be a Defence Force employee or relative to take advantage of Defence Bank’s products and services – membership is open to all Australians.

Different accounts may have different fee structures depending on how you use them. You can find our full fees and charges schedule below.

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Currently, the Bonus savings rate lasts for six months for amounts up to $250,000.00.

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These accounts are held solely in the name of the child or teen. As soon as a child turns 12, they have full control over their accounts, and we will always need to speak directly with them in regards to their membership.

When you turn 18, we will convert your Teen Saver or Cadet Saver to an Everyday Access account. Your Visa debit card, payments, account details and account nickname will stay the same.

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There are a few options available, including using online banking, our mobile app, attaching a Visa debit card to the account, or you can head into any of our branches to speak to one of our friendly staff.

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We’re always happy to see our members in person. Our branches can help you with anything from general account information to home loans. If the branch is on a military base, just give the branch a call to let them know you’re coming in so they can escort you.

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You can open a Salute account within 90 days (either side) of reaching one of the milestones below for the first time.

  • You have reached 15 or 25 years of service in the ADF.
  • You are deployed.
  • You start receiving a seagoing allowance.
  • You retire from the ADF.
  • You resign from the ADF.
  • You are discharged from the ADF on medical grounds.

If you’re unsure, simply give us a call on 1800 033 139, and we’ll be more than happy to check for you.

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Your interest rate will revert back to the standard Salute account rate. Other terms and conditions apply.

Find out more about the Salute account.

You can have as many as you like! There are no account keeping fees, and you can name them whatever you like to distinguish them in your online banking.

Find out more about the Everyday Banking account.

You can open as many savings accounts as you like! When it comes to the iSaver however, just remember that you can only have the introductory rate on the first one that you open.

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If an account has no member-initiated transactions for 12 months it will be made dormant.

You can activate your account from dormant to active very easily by contacting our Contact Centre on 1800 033 139, your local branch or by emailing A dormant account can be avoided by transferring as little as five (5) cents either in or out of the account within a 12 month period.

This happens when all transaction or savings accounts held by you have been classified as dormant we may consider your membership with the bank to be dormant and, in line with the requirements of the bank’s constitution, redeem your member share.

Where this occurs you will no longer be able to receive financial accommodation from the bank or vote at the AGM.