Debit card.

We’re more than happy to order you a camo designed card! They come in Army green, RAAF blue, Navy grey and pink, and are only available on our Visa debit cards. We will need to cancel your current card and order a new one, which will have different card numbers and a new PIN.

Yes, there is - and it depends on how you use your card.

  • If you’re using PayWave, there is a $300 daily limit, and a limit of $100 on each transaction. For any transaction over $200, you have to insert or swipe your card and enter your PIN.
  • When inserting or swiping your card, there is a $1,000 limit, which also takes into account cash withdrawals. If you need to spend over this amount, you can insert the card, press ‘Credit’ and enter your PIN, and spend up to what is in your account. Be aware that the merchant may charge a surcharge for this option.
  • If you’ve loaded your card into your digital wallet, you can spend up to what is in your account.

Defence Bank offers Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay. You can set your cards up through the Defence Bank app, or directly through your phone depending on the device. There are no additional charges by Defence Bank to use these services.

Defence Bank does not charge monthly or transactions fees for using your Visa Debit card. Fees may apply if you use a non- Defence Bank ATM however an alert will appear outlining the cost of the fee and if you would like to proceed with your transaction. Where your transaction is declined due to insufficient funds in your linked account, you will incur $1.50 declined EFT fee.

When you use your debit or credit card to conduct an online or payWave transaction, the merchant electronically sends your bank a pre-authorisation request for the amount of your purchase.

This amount is placed on ‘hold’ but not actually debited from your account immediately, and the available balance in your account is reduced by the amount of the purchase. The amount is kept on hold/locked for up to four days, until the transaction is settled and the funds are debited (taken) by the merchant's bank.

When you select savings and you enter a PIN, the amount of the transaction is usually immediately deducted from your bank account and is not placed on hold first.

Generally holds last for up to four days but they will close if the merchant processes the debit transaction against your card earlier than the four days.
If the merchant does not process the debit within the four days, the hold will close automatically and the available balance in your account will be increased by the amount of the closed hold.

Even if the hold closes after four days, and your account has not been debited, the merchant can still legally take the funds for up to 180 days. Once a transaction has been granted an authorisation, or pre-authorisation, the merchant has the right to process the debit at any time within the 180 days. If the funds have been ‘re-used’ (ie. you did not continue to allow for the debit, if the ‘hold’ had closed before the debit was processed) the account may become overdrawn.

Ask the merchant to remove the hold immediately when you pay your final bill. If they won't, ask them to specify exactly how many days it will take for removal.

No. As the amount has been authorised when you supplied your card to the merchant, Defence Bank cannot remove a hold. You must wait for the hold to close automatically. The cardholder will need to contact the merchant to have a hold removed prior to the end of the four days or prior to the account being debited.