Health insurance.

Be a Navy Health member for life.

Once accepted as a member of Navy Health you are entitled to lifetime membership eligibility. This means you or your family members can join Navy Health in their own right at any time in the future.

You and your family will still be eligible even if you:
• Discharge from the ADF.
• Need a period without private health insurance.
• Would rather wait until later in life to take up private health insurance.

Lifetime eligibility means you will have access to all the benefits of a not-for-profit organisation that ensures benefits are given back to members allowing for lower premiums and higher benefits.

There are no qualifying periods if you are accepted for membership after transferring a current membership from another Australian Registered Private Health Insurer and had an equivalent level of cover, and completed all waiting periods*.

Normal waiting periods will apply to those aspects of Navy Health cover not covered previously by your previous insurer, and for those items specifically nominated within the products as requiring extended waiting periods. Waiting periods will also apply if you join Navy Health after 30 days from leaving your previous health insurer.

Navy Health will not pay immediate benefits at a higher level than those provided by the previous insurer. Navy Health annual limits will be reduced by the amount of benefit already paid by the previous insurer for similar services in the current benefit year of transfer. The Clearance Certificate Application may assist you with your transfer to Navy Health.

*Please note: waiting periods will apply if joining Navy Health after 30 days from leaving your previous health insurer.

Medicare does not cover Ambulance cover and different states have different arrangements. Navy Health includes comprehensive ambulance cover on all policies. We cover 100% benefit for ambulance services within Australia provided by a state or territory registered ambulance service, by either air, sea or land. We do not provide benefits for privately run patient transport services, such as Flying Doctor Services, Care Flight, etc.