Online Banking.

Depending on the device that you have, you can download the app through the Google Play or Apple App Store. The app is free to download and use.
Download from Google Play.
Download from the App Store.

You’ll first need to be issued a password, then log in for the first time using your member number and the temporary password that gets sent to you as a text.
Create a password here.
Log in to internet banking.

The best thing to do first is to reset your password. If you’re still having issues, you can get in contact with us and we can check your details, provide you a new password, or make sure everything is unlocked and ready to go.
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This is your ‘transaction authority’ password, which is a secondary level of security for some aspects of online banking. If you’re unsure of what it is, we can deregister it for you and allow you to create a new one.
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The daily limit is $5,000, but if you ever need to transfer a larger once-off amount, simply get in touch with us and we can increase it temporarily for you.

You can also set your limit to $10,000 permanently by downloading the VIP Access app for additional security.

A limit increase will take up to 24-48 hours to reach your account.

Find out more about VIP Access.