Personal and car loans.

You can buy a new or used car or motorcycle with a car loan.

Great news! There are no fees for paying out your loan early.

The maximum loan amount is dependent on a number of factors, including a borrower’s ability to service (pay) the loan. Call us on 1800 033 139 to discuss your needs.

Congratulations, please contact us (up to a week) prior to paying off your loan to obtain the final payout figure. Once the funds are available in your account we’ll process the final payment for you.

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An overdraft is more of a backup facility that kicks in when you’ve exhausted all of your own funds in the account. The interest on an overdraft starts being calculated the day any transactions are made taking you into overdraft. As soon as your account balance is back in credit, interest stops being charged.

With a credit card, you can spend up to your credit limit and have up to 55 days interest free to pay off your credit card. Interest will start to be charged at the end of the 55 days interest free period.

Call us on 1800 033 139 so that we can have a chat and help you to determine the best loan to meet your needs.

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Motor vehicles up to and including five years old can be purchased using our used car loan. If you would like to purchase an older car, contact us as you may do so with a personal loan. 

The minimum loan amount across our personal and car loan range is $1,000.00.

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Each loan is assessed on a case by case basis and security may be required.

A debt consolidation loan is when you combine two or more external loans into one to make repayments easier. This can include car loans, personal loans, or credit cards.