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Changes to interest rates

The following changes will apply to interest rates effective Wednesday 25th March 2020; These changes reflect the need to balance the needs of both our borrowing and lending Members.

Lending Rates
Defence Bank will lower its interest rates on a range of lending products.

Fixed Rate Home Loans
The changes will take effect for all new fixed rate home loans and are available for both owner occupied and investor borrowers and will see reductions of 0.19% p.a. up to 0.69% p.a. on fixed rate home loans.

Fixed interest rates for borrowers making principal and interest repayments under our Ultimate Package will be as follows:

Fixed Term 

Owner Occupied Interest Rates

Investor Interest Rates

1 Year



2 Year



3 Year



4 Year



5 Year



There are no changes to home loan variable rates.

Overdraft rate
Our overdraft rate will reduce by 1.36% p.a.

Deposit Rates:
Defence Bank has increased rates on the following premium term certificates by up to 0.50% p.a. which are available to all members with a minimum investment of $1,000.  


Interest rate

4 months

1.65% p.a.*

8 months

1.75% p.a.*

11 months

2.10% p.a.*

Any questions?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1800 033 139 or email [email protected]. Alternatively drop into one of our branches.

*Please note these rate offers are only available for individuals on deposits up to $1million.

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