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Changes to Online Banking

Changes to the Pay Someone screens in Online Banking and Mobile App

When making a Pay Someone Transfer in Online Banking or your Mobile App, you will now see an optional field called “End-to-end identification”. This optional field allows you to add additional information like an invoice number or customer reference number to your payment, rather than include it as part of the Description field.

This is a mandated change to the fast payments platform designed to support future enhancements and will assist the people or companies that receive the payment in reconciling and matching payments to the people who made the payment.

Example of Use:

For example, you might book some accommodation (Airbnb) and that requires “bank deposit” for payment/deposit. The accommodation place sends you an email with an invoice attached and asks that you specifically quote the Invoice Number (or some other detail) that helps them to identify that the payment is from you.

To date the only place you can include this is in the payment Description field, which then requires a human to manually check and match deposit transactions to customer bookings.

By using the End-to-end identification field to capture only this information, it keeps the required specific detail separate from a “general” Description, and makes it easier for the person or company receiving the payment to match the deposit to your booking. 

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