Troubleshooting and FAQs

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Video Call Troubleshooting and FAQs

Broadband Internet connection
To use Video Call, you will require a broadband connection (ADSL, Cable) which is capable of 512kbps (0.5Mbps) download speed and 512kpbs (0.5Mbps) upload speed. You can confirm if your Internet connection meets this requirement by contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

You can test your Internet connection by visiting
Speedtest (Defence Bank is not affiliated with Speedtest or its partners).

Software requirements
You require a PC or Laptop running Microsoft Windows with the following software installed:
  • PC or laptop with a web cam and microphone (headset recommended)
  • Broadband Internet (512kbps required)
Although it's not required, we recommend you use a headset for the best Video Call experience.

Note: this service is not compatible with Mac or tablets, including iPad.

Reinstalling Flash or Silverlight
To ensure the best Video Call experience, you may be required to reinstall Flash or Silverlight. For a guide on reinstalling Flash and Silverlight, click here.

If you hear your own voice as an echo, please attempt to lower the speaker volume. If this doesn’t work, move the microphone as far away as possible from the speakers. Using a headset or headphones instead of speakers will often stop all echo.

Cut off voices, delay, jumpy video, noises
You might be experiencing problems due to a slow Internet connection. You should try closing applications that use the Internet and cancel any file downloads.

Make sure that you have the minimum bandwidth required to make a call
(see Broadband Internet connection).

Excessive background noise
To reduce background noise, make sure you are calling from a quiet location. If you have more than one microphone on your computer, make sure that the video service is using the right one.

Problems connecting, and/or no video but the ability to chat
If you experience issues connecting or no video you could try the following:
  • Reinstall your web browser
  • Try another browser
  • Restart your computer.

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