Defence Bank thanks frontline workers in Victoria.

Defence Bank has launched an outdoor advertising campaign the Victorian public may not get to see in person due to pandemic lockdown rules, but one designed to be seen by the frontline workers keeping the state safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The outdoor media campaign in Melbourne thanks the Australian Defence Force (ADF) men and women, police and health professionals working around the clock to respond to the COVID crisis and maintain the curfew and other measures in place in Victoria.

Carrying the message “a big thank you from those who probably won’t see this billboard to everyone on the frontlines of COVID-19 who will”, the outdoor ads aim to give thanks to the very frontline workers who will see them on the streets of Melbourne.

“We wanted to recognise the selfless and dedicated men and women who often put their own lives on hold and in harm’s way to serve and protect us. They are delivering for the people of Victoria, and the rest of Australia is counting on them," said Defence Bank CEO David Marshall.

“From members of the ADF to police, nurses, doctors and medical teams, this frontline is delivering under enormous pressure every day on Victorian streets, in hospitals and in the community.

“It doesn’t take much but means a lot right now to just say thank you. As we all respond to the crisis unfolding and all do our bit while in lockdown, Defence Bank felt it was the right thing to do to say thank you and encourages Victorians to join in this spirit.

“We know our billboards will be on empty streets and freeways and in places normally jammed packed with people. To us that doesn’t matter, what matters most is that we recognise the service, dedication, resilience and determination of Melbourne’s frontline, in a time of great need.

“For the Defence Bank team, we exist to serve those who protect us and this campaign thanks them for their service during this once in a lifetime pandemic.”

ADF members deployed to Victoria to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic may be eligible for a Salute savings account.

Find out more about Salute.

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