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Our savings accounts come in many flavours.

Ice cream truck serving customers at the beach.

We have many ways for you to save and invest, and your decision is made easy with specific accounts designed just for you. From having immediate access to your money to investing for a longer term, you can count on us to have your favourite.


For flexible access to your savings, our iSaver offers new accounts an introductory bonus rate of interest for the first six months for amounts up to $250,000.

Bonus fixed & variable rate for six months up to $250,000. 1.60 %p.a.
Base variable rate. 0.75 %p.a.
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Max eSaver.

Reach your savings goals in less time than you think. Our Max eSaver rewards savers who make a monthly deposit, without making any withdrawal during the month, with a bonus variable rate.

Total variable interest rate. 1.65 %p.a.
Standard variable rate. 0.10 %p.a.
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Pension Saver.

Our dedicated Pension Saver account is ready to go for whatever’s ahead in your retirement.

$0 to $50,200 (variable rate). 0.45 %p.a. ^
$50,200.01 plus (variable rate). 1.15 %p.a. ^
Salute account.

Salute is available to Australian Defence Force members who contact us within 90 days of being deployed, or reaching 15 and 25 years of service, or have transitioned with bonus interest for 12 months; and who make a minimum monthly deposit of $1,500 into an Everyday Access account during the bonus rate period.*

Bonus fixed & variable rate for 12 months up to $100,000. 3.00 %p.a.
Base variable rate. 1.50 %p.a.
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Cadet Saver.

Created especially for cadets aged 12 to 17 years, our Cadet Saver account will have you and your savings looking good.

Variable interest rate. 2.00 %p.a.
Teen Saver.

Teen Saver is a great option for those aged 12-17 years with growing financial independence in mind.

Variable interest rate. 2.00 %p.a.
Kids Club account.

It’s never too early to help get them on their way. The Defence Bank Kids Club account is the way to go for those aged 0-11 years.

Variable interest rate. 2.00 %p.a.

Product available only for members who meet an Australian Defence Force milestone (within 90 days) listed in our Defence Bank Product and Services - Condition of Use. The fixed bonus rate applies for the first 12 months. The base variable rate applies for any amount after 12 months. The base rate also applies for any amounts above $100,000 during the first 12 months.

A limit of one new iSaver per membership (including joint accounts). Does not include funds held, or recently held with Defence Bank.

For both the fixed bonus rate and the base variable rate the following applies:Interest is calculated daily on the closing balance and credited on the last day of each month. Rates offered are subject to terms and conditions in the Defence Bank Product and Services - Condition of Use.


Interest is calculated daily on the closing balance and credited on the last day of February, May, August and November each year. The first $50,200.00 earns interest at the lower interest rate regardless of account balance.

All products except foreign currency facilities, insurance and superannuation are issued by Defence Bank. Before acquiring a product, Defence Bank recommends you read the Defence Bank Products and Services - Conditions of Use, the Summary of accounts and access facilities, The visa debit – conditions of use (where relevant). All documents are located here.

We may change our fees & charges and interest rates from time to time. For more details on our fees & charges, refer to the Fees and Charges (Domestic Transactions) & Fees and Charges Schedule (Overseas Transactions). For more details on interest rates, refer to the relevant Interest rate schedules. All schedules are located here.

Any advice contained on this website is general advice only and does not take into account your needs, objectives or your financial situation.

Defence Bank’s Target Market Determination can be viewed here.

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