Teddy bear after a fire

Sometimes we’re the not-so-lucky country.

Teddy bear after a fire

As part of our purpose to serve those who protect us, we have a full suite of insurance policies. This includes exclusive access to Defence-only savings for our members, as well as options tailored specifically for ADF families. In fact, whatever cover you need for whatever life has ahead.

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Car – your type of cover from CGU.

All our policies are provided through one of Australia's leading car insurance companies - CGU. Our vehicle insurance options give you peace of mind when it comes to your own personal people mover.

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  • Comprehensive. Everything you need to cover collision, storm, flood, theft and vandalism with optional windscreen replacement coverage.
  • Third party fire and theft. Covers loss or damage to your vehicle by fire or theft only and loss or damage to someone else’s vehicle or property.
  • Third party property damage. Covers loss or damage to someone else’s vehicle or property

Home - protecting your home and everything in it.

To protect your largest asset, you need insurance you can count on. With one simple policy, our home insurance covers everything you need it to, from storm and flood to theft and vandalism.

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Pay less if you bundle your home and contents together. Or if you’re renting, the contents-only insurance option means you’re only covering what you need.

Landlord - no worries insurance.

Investing in property and becoming a landlord is a great financial step but can come with its own set of worries. Rest easy with our landlord insurance that allows you to set-and-forget any stress around damage to your property as it serves as someone else’s home. With a simple application process and a quick turn around, it’ll be one more property management issue taken off your list.

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Barracks - be covered when on base.

If you’re living on base, it’s your responsibility to look after your room and keep your belongings secure. However, living in barracks is a unique living situation that doesn’t quite fall into renting or owning your own home, so the standard insurance policies you can get anywhere else don’t necessarily work.

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That’s why we offer Barrack Room insurance, to cover damage to the fittings in your home on base, theft and vandalism as well as your personal belongings within it - it’s just another way we serve those who protect us.

Travel – a no-stress getaway.

Those in uniform and their loved ones can experience more stress and time apart than the average Australian family, so there's few things more important than a well-earned holiday. Our travel insurance comes with a range of valuable features that keep you prepared for anything the world can throw at you, including overseas medical and hospital expenses and emergency purchases for lost or delayed luggage.

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Health – a partnership with Navy Health.

If you’re ready to jump ship into private health insurance, either because you’re over 30 and keen to avoid the Lifetime Health Cover loading (LHC), or you’re looking to secure higher quality care, our partners at Navy Health have got your back.

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Like us, Navy Health is a member-based organisation that’s out to protect those who serve us, not make a profit from them. While you normally need to be in or linked to the Australian Defence Force in some way to access Navy Health, all Defence Bank members are eligible for high quality cover initially developed for the needs of our sailors. There’s also an additional defence discount if you’re in uniform.

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You can use a home and contents calculator to find the best figure for your contents.
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You can use a home and contents calculator to find the best figure for your contents.
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