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One aspect of your deployment preparations that should be top-of-mind is your finances. Banking should be simple, quick and easy - not only for you but also your partner and family. There’s enough to manage while you’re deployed, and we understand all that.

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Don’t miss your Salute.

As an ADF member going on deployment, you could be eligible for our Salute account - a savings account offering a bonus high interest rate for 12 months. Let us know within 90 days of learning about your deployment and the Salute account could be yours, working hard for you and your family beyond your deployment - it’s simply our way of saying ‘thank you’.

Check your eligibility for our Salute Account.

Prepare practically.

If they haven’t already, your partner may need the details of and access to your accounts, including online access, their own credit or debit cards and becoming a main signatory. If you’re deployed internationally, there’s another layer of complexity ensuring your payments and accounts are set up properly for what you and your family need.

Find out more about overseas payments.

It’s also worth reviewing your other financial setups like your insurance policies to ensure your assets are covered properly. Some home and content policies, for example, become invalid if the property is vacant for an extended period - this isn’t anything you need to worry about with Defence Bank policies as they’re designed with the lifestyle of Defence members in mind.

Talk to one of our insurance advisers.

You’ll also need to prepare for every eventuality; this includes vital ADF admin such as organising next of kin via form AC989, having them registered in PMKeyS, setting up your will and informing the people in your life where important documents are kept. There are some other items that are often missed but no less important like your family knowing your wishes around organ donation and how to perform maintenance or reports on your property, or who they can contact in an emergency on their end.

They are topics a lot of us don’t want to think about, but that simply means we should.

Ensure your family is well taken care of with the help of a Defence Legal Officer who, along with other numerous helpful ADF resources, are there to help guide you through what can be a challenging time in the lead up to your deployment. This PDF checklist from the ADF Financial Services Consumer Centre is a great place to start.

Prepare emotionally.

It goes without saying that going on deployment can be a mentally and emotionally fraught time for the ADF member and their loved ones, for both extended and immediate families. Your unit will hold briefings for families before, during and often after deployment; it’s important to attend these and follow their advice as they give important details about the deployment itself, ways to communicate with you and important contacts within the unit. You can also register your family for regular support calls from the Defence Community Organisation while you’re away.

Involve everyone, especially children, in discussions leading up to your deployment, including expectations, emotions everyone will likely experience and changed household responsibilities. Children as young as four are capable of understanding some key concepts around what it means to have a parent away for a time, so it’s worth communicating clearly and honestly with them. Do not hesitate to use the services of an ADF counsellor to help navigate these important conversations.

We hear from members that coming home is often surprisingly one of the most difficult parts. The family needs to re-learn how to incorporate their loved one back into their home, and into routines they’ve been settled into for a number of months - all while emotions are running high. It’s important to consider the implications of all stages of the deployment journey and communicate often.

Power of Attorney.

As you embark on a deployment with the ADF, you may want to consider a Power of Attorney that could help you with your financial management.

Nominating someone to act on your behalf while you’re away can grant you peace of mind and ensure that your affairs are well-managed during your deployment.

Find out more about a Power of Attorney.

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