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Making retirement something you look forward to.

Older couple looking out window.

Defence Bank offers investment options for all stages of life, whether you’re just starting out growing your super or you’re on the cusp of life’s next stage in retirement. With our robust investments, tools and in-house experts to help you in the right direction, you can look forward to a secure retirement.

Use our handy online tools.

The more you save earlier on, the bigger the smile on your face as you approach retirement. See how any additional contributions can fit into your household or personal budget with our budget planner calculator, and get an idea of how your savings can grow with the savings plan calculator - both great tools to have in your arsenal as you plan your most secure path to retirement.

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Use a Retirement Savings Account (RSA).

Get the certainty of a positive return from a term deposit with the tax advantages of retirement superannuation. You can even draw from your tax-free allocated retirement pension with your Defence Bank RSA. Available to all Australians, the Defence Bank Retirement Savings Account (RSA) is an online superannuation solution for managing your retirement benefits for whatever you need, for whatever’s ahead.

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Manage your super online.

Defence Bank Super is an online superannuation solution for managing your retirement benefits through every stage of your life. Australia’s Defence Bank Super gives you control over your super or pension at the click of a button via Online Banking, and you can manage and change your investment options anywhere, anytime.

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Salute account.

Our Salute account rewards Australian Defence Force members who have been deployed, reached 15 and 25 years of service or transitioned, with a bonus interest for 12 months.* For those who’ve been deployed as part of Operation Bushfire Assist or Operation Covid-19 Assist, you may be eligible for the Salute account. It’s our little way of saying ‘thank you’.

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*Product available only for members who meet an ADF milestone listed in our Defence Bank Product and Services - Condition of Use.


Frequently asked questions.

Defence Bank offers financial products and services to not only the Australian Defence Force, but the broader community as well. Defence Bank is one of Australia’s larger member-owned banks.

It depends whether the transfer is within Australia or international.
For all general transfers within Australia, use BSB 833-205.
If the transfer is international, you will need to provide the BSB 803-205.

Yes, we have all the pays – Apple, Google, Samsung, Garmin and Fitbit pays.

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