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Max eSaver.

You’ll have that smile on your face in no time.

Earn up to
5 .00 %# p.a. Variable rate.
Blue Navy uniform sock folded with 'smile'.

Key features.

A great savings rate.

Get a bonus rate for every month you grow your savings without making any withdrawals.

Build healthy savings habits.

Achieve your savings goals sooner with a bonus interest rate that rewards saving.#

No monthly account fees.

$0 monthly account-keeping fees mean you can maximise your savings.

Our Max eSaver rates explained.

Standard variable rate.
0 .10 % p.a.
At a minimum, you'll earn this rate of interest.
Bonus variable rate.
4 .90 % p.a.
The interest you earn if you make a deposit and no withdrawals during the month.
Total variable interest rate.
5 .00 % p.a.
This is the total rate (standard variable rate + bonus variable rate) you could earn on your Max eSaver.

Open a Max eSaver account in under five minutes.

If you're an existing Defence Bank member, welcome back! Opening a Max eSaver account is fast and easy.

New to the bank? In that case, we'll just need a few details and you'll be on your way.

Tools and calculators.

Budget planner.

Calculate your regular income and expenses and make a plan for your savings.

Deposit planner.

Track your projected savings over time, including interest, so you can calculate how long you'll need to save for a certain goal.

Expense planner.

A simple tool that helps you itemise and collate your regular expenses so you know what you spend in a typical month.


Grow your savings with flexible access to your funds and an introductory bonus interest rate.

Term deposits.

Combine some patience with our competitive rate for a return on your investment.

Money saving tips.

Find helpful tips and tricks in our blog.

If a deposit is made during the month where no withdrawals are made by the end of the month, the bonus rate at the time also applies to the balance for that month.

Interest is calculated daily on the closing balance and credited on the last day of each month.

Available only for deposits up to $1 million.

We may change our fees and charges and interest rates from time to time. For more details on our fees and charges, refer to the Fees and Charges Schedule (Domestic Transactions) and Fees and Charges Schedule (Overseas Transactions). For more details on interest rates, refer to the relevant interest rate schedule.

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