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For those hanging out for more.

1 .25 % p.a. Interest rate.
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Great savings rate.

No account keeping fees.

No local transactional fees.

Anywhere, anyhow banking.

Teen Saver takes savings your money to the next level. It’s a great option for those aged 12-17 years with growing financial independence in mind. It doesn’t matter if they’re a spender or saver - we’ve got everyone’s back on both with no local transactional fees and a great interest rate for savings.

Bank anywhere with the convenience of Online Banking and our award-winning app on both Android and iOS. When linked to a Visa Debit card, access to funds will never be far away, thanks to Visa payWave and the ability to link your account to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

Key features.

  • No account fees.
  • No fees for more than 7,000 ATMs across Australia, including those of Defence Bank and the major banks.
  • No transaction fees on EFTPOS.
  • No fees for BPAY transactions or BPAY View transactions conducted through our Online Banking or award-winning app.
  • No Online Banking fees including external transfers and auto transfers.
  • No monthly fees or card fees.
  • No minimum deposit.
  • Withdraw as much as you like and maintain your great rate.
Account. Interest rate. Comparison rate.
Teen Saver. 1.25% p.a. n/a

This fees and charges schedule is an important document and provides you with information about the fees and charges for domestic and overseas transactions applicable to the accounts and facilities we offer.

We have two fees and charges schedules, one for domestic transactions and the other for international transactions. This fee schedule sets out our fees and charges for transactions that you make overseas or involve transferring funds into or sending funds out of Australia.

We encourage you to read both schedules. You can obtain copies for both of these fee schedules via, by visiting your local branch or calling 1800 033 139. This document should be read in conjunction with the Defence Bank Products and Services – Conditions of Use (DPS).

We also publish a brochure - ‘Tips on Reducing your Banking Fees with Defence Bank’, which can be obtained via, by visiting your local branch or calling 1800 033 139.

Domestic transactions.

Fees. Fee amount.
Domestic online, over the counter and EFTPOS transaction Fees (based on number of transactions). $0
Monthly/Periodic account keeping Fees (no min. deposit requirement). $0
Replacement Visa card (in Australia). $0
Declined EFTPOS transactions (insufficient funds). $1.50
Defence Bank ATMs. $0
Other Australian ATMs and balance enquires. Free - at major banks; and $ATM direct charge.*
Declined transactions at an ATM. $0.50
Ultimate Package fees. $380 per annum.
Term deposit early withdrawal fee. $30
Cash advance fee (Australia Post and other banks). $4.10
Bank cheques. $0
Statement fees.  
- Statements of accounts are issued 6 monthly or monthly where you have a line of credit or overdraft facility with us. $0
- Where you request monthly statements. $2
Cheque/direct debit honour /dishonour fee. Charged when:
  • We decide to honour your personal cheque for payment where there are insufficient funds in your account or the credit limit will be/has been exceeded.
  • We dishonour payment of your personal cheque due to insufficient funds, payment stopped or the cheque is incorrectly completed (e.g. no signature).
  • We decline a direct debit request due to insufficient funds.
  • We decide to honour a direct debit request where there are insufficient funds in your account or the credit limit will be/has been exceeded.
Auto transfer/BPAY dishonour fee. $10
Overdrawn/over limit fees. $10
Dormant fee. $20
Cheque book fee.  
- 25 cheques. $18.75
- 50 cheques. $37.50
[email protected]™. $21.72
Cash handling fee.  
- Up to $500. $5
- Over $500. 2% of value of cash handled.
Record search fee. $50 per hour plus out of pocket expenses.
Same day domestic transfers (via Swift/RTGS).  
- Outward bound. $11.80
- Inward bound. $6.80


Overseas transactions.

Fee name. Fee description. Fee amount.
Visa cash advances overseas (ATM and Bank transactions). The fee we charge when you obtain a cash advance using a Visa Card overseas. $4.10
Visa foreign currency conversion fee. The fee we charge when you make a payment or a deposit or obtain a cash advance overseas. 3% (percentage of transaction value).
Emergency card replacement. The fee we charge when you request that we replace your Visa card while you are overseas. $US175.00
Emergency cash - max $1,000 (your choice). The fee we charge when you request emergency cash while overseas other than through an ATM. The maximum amount of emergency cash available is $1000 (at our discretion). $US175.00
Mastercard prepaid management services. The fee we charge where you hold a Mastercard Cash Passport Platinum Travel Money Card and you transfer funds to that Card. 1% of the initial load/reload amount.
We have arranged for the following services to be provided to you by Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS). WUBS may charge an extra fee for the services, additional to the fee charged by us as specified below. Please refer to WUBS schedule of fees and charges for further details.
Foreign cash. The fee we charge when you request cash in a foreign currency. foreign currency.
1% of the $AUD equivalent of the amount requested.
Bank draft. The fee we charge when you request a bank draft denominated in foreign currency. $12.50
Outbound foreign currency international telegraphic transfer. The fee we charge when you request we make a foreign currency telegraphic transfer to an overseas destination.

$30 when requested at a branch.

$20 when requested via online banking or the mobile app.

(Debited to your account overnight).

Outbound AUD telegraphic transfer. The fee we charge when you request we make an AUD denominated telegraphic transfer to an overseas destination. $50.00 when requested at a branch.
Foreign currency cheque. The fee we charge when you deposit a cheque denominated in a foreign currency to your account.

$15.00 (less than AUD $25,000.

$65.00 (AUD $25,000 and above).

Foreign cash. The fee we charge when you deposit foreign cash to your account.

$7.00 (less than AUD $700 equivalent).

1% of the AUD equivalent (greater than AUD $700 equivalent).



 The ATM direct charge fee which is levied by the ATM Operator will be displayed on the ATM screen.

For children and teens aged between 12-17 years. At 18 years we will convert your account into an Everyday Access Account.

Interest is calculated daily on the closing balance and credited on 31 March each year.

Available only for deposits up to $1 million.

We may change our fees & charges and interest rates from time to time.

All products except foreign currency and insurance are issued by Defence Bank. Defence Bank recommends you read the Defence Bank Products and Services - Conditions of Use for any product you choose to take. Any advice contained on this website is general advice only.

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Definitely. If you’re already a member and the account is only in your name, you can log into your online banking and open a new account under the ‘Apply’ section, or you can give us a call. If it’s a joint account, we can send you both the form to complete. If you’re not yet a member, you can join now and open accounts during the set up process.
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Our Everyday Access account is free from account keeping, transactional, and transfer fees. The only fees that apply are if the account is used incorrectly, such as EFT decline fees and direct debit dishonours. For a full overview, have a look at our Fees and Charges Schedule.
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Even though we’ve traditionally focused on the Australian Defence Force, you don’t have to be a Defence Force employee or relative to take advantage of Defence Bank’s products and services – membership is open to all Australians.

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