Defence Bank Board Directors reappointed at AGM.

Defence Bank today announced the reappointment of Directors Joan Fitzpatrick and Anne Myers to the Board for a further three year term.

At the AGM today, both Directors were commended for their continued service and achievement on the Board and congratulated on their reappointment.

Joan Fitzpatrick has served on the Defence Bank Board since 2015. Her experience is right across corporate, government and not for profit sectors.

Originally qualified as a barrister, Joan’s management career began at 20th Century Fox in London.

In a varied career, she held senior roles in heavy manufacturing industries, large start-up projects in Europe, and international insurance operations in Asia.

For more than 16 years, she worked as CEO and Director of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance.

Joan currently has a diverse portfolio of non-executive director roles and consults across a wide range of organisations in the areas of strategic planning, leadership, governance and risk.

Her legal and regulatory background is an asset for the Defence Bank Board in meeting the regulatory compliance requirements in the banking sector.

Anne Myers was first appointed to the Board in November 2015 and re-elected in 2018.

Anne is an experienced non-executive director who holds directorships across the banking, education and technology sectors. She has executive-level experience spanning retail banking, insurance, funds management and superannuation.

Her previous executive roles included Chief Operating Officer of ING Direct and interim CEO for United Way.

Anne’s combination of strong digital and technology skills, coupled with exceptional risk management and strategy experience, enables her to bring a unique perspective to her board roles and to add value across a variety of industries.

With more than 30 years experience in the finance industry, Anne provides a sound understanding of the legislative and regulatory requirements of retail banking.

Defence Bank Chief Executive David Marshall welcomes the reappointment of Joan Fitzpatrick and Anne Myers.

“Defence Bank is delighted to have both Joan and Anne continue on the Board, both possess outstanding leadership skills and are extremely focused on the best interests of our members, we are very lucky to have such strong female leaders under the stewardship of our Chair Fran Raymond.’’

At the AGM, Defence Bank’s strong performance was noted, including the Bank maintaining strong profitability and growth through the COVID-19 years. This includes reaching a historic milestone by recording $3 billion in assets, surging by a billion dollars in only four years.

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