Man with Australian flag draped over shoulders.

Spreading your wings again? Take some local currency with you.

Man with Australian flag draped over shoulders.

Small or large amounts converted.

Over 50 different foreign currencies.

Australia-based Contact Centre.

Arrive with local money in hand.

If you’re considering on not ‘staying at home’ forever and planning on your next overseas holiday, it’s always comforting to know you’ll land with the local money in hand.

Defence Bank can provide travellers with banknotes in over 50 different foreign currencies – and in a variety of denominations too. Cash is always a good back up. You’ll be equally ready to tip that cash-only restaurant for service as you pay for your meal.

With foreign currency also in hand you’ll be ready for anything.

Frequently asked questions.

There is a daily limit on cash withdrawals over the counter transactions of $5,000 per day.

Where you may be seeking to withdraw an amount that is greater than the daily limit, you will need to contact your local branch and provide at least one business day's notice before the withdrawal can be processed.

You can click on the transaction within your online banking or through the app to get more information. This will often give you additional details, such as contact numbers or email addresses to get in touch directly with the merchant.
If you’re still unsure, we can always look into it for you - call our Contact Centre or visit us in-branch. Outside of business hours, you can send us a Secure Message or use the Contact Us form.

In some cases, the account you incorrectly sent the funds to may not currently be active, in which case the funds will bounce back into your Defence Bank account within 3-5 business days.
If the account is active, we can lodge a trace on the money and attempt to retrieve it for you. Get in touch with our Contact Centre or your nearest branch and we can get this process started as quickly as possible for you. The quicker we get this trace lodged, the more likely it is we can retrieve your funds.

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