RSA Certificate T&C's

Your term deposit is invested subject to the following conditions.

  • The investment is for the term as shown
  • Interest is calculated daily at the rate shown and is paid on maturity at least annually or the next business day. Where the term exceeds 12 months, interest will be paid into your variable account on the anniversary of the funding date. Interest payable in respect of the last 12 months or part thereof is added to the balance at maturity, or the next business day.
  • This certificate is not a negotiable instrument and the deposit cannot be assigned during the term of the deposit.

What happens at maturity?

At maturity you can:

  • Do nothing; we will automatically re-invest your Term Deposit amount* for the same term at the applicable rate on the maturity date or the next business day.
  • Re-invest your Term Deposit amount* for another term, add extra funds or withdraw part or all of your Term Deposit to your Variable account. Your request will be actioned on the maturity date or the next business day.

* Unless advised otherwise by you, the interest earned on your Term Deposit will be re-invested with your principal deposit.

Grace period.

As there is a risk that interest rates may change, we have allowed a five business day grace period after your renewal in which to enable you to change your instructions

Early access to your term deposit.

At the discretion of Defence Bank you may apply in writing to access your Term Deposit amount before maturity. If we agree to your early access request a penalty of a reduced interest amount will apply.
For further information please refer to our current Defence Bank Super Assured RSA Product Disclosure Statement available at or by contacting us on the below details.

How to contact us.

Should you wish to vary your deposit or have any questions please contact Defence Bank by calling us on 1800 979 188, Monday to Friday between 8:00am-4:30pm AEDT, or email