Military Wife Life Podcast - Defence Bank Foundation.

Our favourite military spouse podcaster Beck Rayner from Military Wife Life talks to Leanne Kyle from the Defence Bank Foundation about the life-changing impact the Defence Community Dogs program is having for the dogs, inmates, veterans and their families.

In this episode, Beck and Leanne talk about:

  • The Defence Bank Foundation and why they decided to support the DCD program.
  • What the DCD program is and how it supports dogs, inmates and veterans.
  • Why the program decided to only use rescue dogs and give them a second chance at life.
  • The benefits inmates at correctional facilities gain from helping train the dogs.
  • The time, effort and money it takes to train a dog ready for a veteran.
  • Why the dogs have just as much impact on the lives of the veterans family members as they do on the veterans' lives.
  • How the support of the Defence Bank Foundation has resulted in over 50 dogs being trained and homed with veterans.
  • The extensive process to match a dog with a veteran and their individual needs.
  • Why so many veterans leave getting an assistance dog as a last resort.
  • How Defence Bank is further supporting the program by donating even more.
  • Why any veteran living with mental health challenges or PTSD should consider getting an assistance dog.


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