First home purchase just another milestone in a big year for this Defence Bank member.

29-year-old Daniel has packed some significant life events into the last year.

Within that timeframe Daniel married Lauren, they’ve welcomed a new baby boy and bought their first home.

And as it turns out, they didn’t have to look far to secure that property.

“We were renting, and the owner decided to sell it. We liked the area and the house, and it wasn’t a hard decision. The alternative was to pack up everything and look for another rental, which can be hard to find, and we wanted to avoid that.

“We had looked at a few properties but the fact we were in this situation and wouldn’t have to move really shifted our focus all of a sudden.”

Daniel says the four-bedroom house in Townsville is in a really nice suburb, but like all new homeowners there has been an adjustment phase.

“We are contributing a bit more so that was a big change, something we had to adjust to.

“But you are contributing to your asset which is good, very different from renting.”

Daniel grew up in a Defence family. His dad was in the army and Daniel and his two brothers followed in his footsteps. Daniel is the youngest and this collective experience shaped his desire to buy a property at a key time in his life after ten years of service.

Daniel was able to access first home buyer grants and secure the home loan via the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme.

The couple had looked at Defence Bank and were attracted by its interest rates after shopping around.

“I was actually doing disaster relief after the cyclone in Tonga, so Lauren had to do the brunt of the application process.

“That can be quite daunting, but Defence Bank was always respectful, prompt and it was a good experience.

“For us having a home means security, it’s your property and you don’t have to rely on anyone else.”

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