What is PayTo?

PayTo® is a new digital way to pre-authorise payments directly from your bank account. It can be used to make one-off or recurring payments in real time.

It works similarly to direct debits – but it’s much better!

Just like a direct debit, PayTo allows you to make automatic payments from your bank account for anything from phone bills to flights or your gym membership. You can choose to use your PayID or BSB and account number to set up payments.

It’s better than a direct debit because you can set up your payment authorisation to merchants online, which is faster and easier than arranging for a direct debit authority. PayTo agreements (records of your payment authorisation) can be viewed, changed, or stopped within the security and convenience of your existing Mobile Banking app or Internet Banking, giving you more control over these payments.

Merchants can offer PayTo as an alternative payment method for a variety of products and services, such as subscriptions, online or in-app purchases.

Benefits of PayTo.


Authorise, view and manage payments from your bank account, together in the one place.


No need to remember your BSB, account number or credit card details – simply use your PayID on the spot.


Know exactly when payments are due, so you’ve got enough money in your account to avoid missed payment fees.


PayTo agreements are securely managed in Online Banking and the mobile app.

Frequently asked questions.

As PayTo agreements are subject to you (the account holder) pre-authorising the agreement, PayTo payments will be initiated from your Defence Bank account only when you have provided authorisation.

This authorisation is subject to the same levels of security as other payments and transfers made by Defence Bank.

Your PayTo agreements will be available through Defence Bank Online Banking and the app.

Customers will have the ability to:

  • View their PayTo agreements.
  • Accept or decline a new PayTo agreement.
  • Cancel, pause or resume a PayTo agreement.
  • Change or update your PayTo agreement account information.
  • Receive notifications of any changes made by a merchant or service.
  • Provider to a PayTo agreement and be able to accept or decline these changes.

All the above will be available within your mobile app or Online Banking.

All agreements are still set up between the merchant or service provider and the customer, so if you have questions about the details of an agreement, please contact the merchant or service provider.

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