Changes to interest rates.

Following the RBA interest rate announcement the following changes to interest rates will apply. These changes are effective Tuesday 17 November.


  • Owner-occupied home loan fixed interest rates will be reduced by 0.30%. Members who elect to take out new fixed interest home loan can have certainty around the amount of their home loan repayments for the duration of their fixed interest term.
  • Fixed interest rates for Investor home loans with Principal and Interest repayments will reduce by (up to) 1.10% and align with owner-occupied fixed interest rates.
  • Fixed interest rates for Investor home loans with interest only repayments will be reduced by (up to) 1.00%.
  • No changes to new or existing variable home loan interest rates (excludes new investor home loans with interest only repayments)

If you wish to discuss your home loan please speak to your home loan consultant, your local branch or our Contact Centre on 1800 033 139.


  • Reduction of 0.10% on 3, 12 and 24 month (includes RSA and Business) term deposits.
  • Changes to ‘base rate’ on Max eSaver from 0.10% to 0.01%. The ‘bonus rate’ will remain unchanged.
  • No changes to iSaver, Salute account, Pension Saver, junior accounts or other savings accounts not named.
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