Temporary increase in contactless payment limits

As part of an industry wide response to the Coronavirus, effective 7 April Defence Bank will be temporarily  increasing the PIN limit for contactless card payments from $100 to $200 to reduce the need to touch payment terminals  when you are out shopping at retailers like Woolworths or Coles.

The new $200 limit is expected to apply for a three-month period and will be extended if required. 

From next week, you will begin to see an increasing number of retailers accepting contactless card payments without a PIN up to the new $200 limit.  As a large number of financial institutions, payment terminals and retailers are involved in this change, the new limit will be progressively rolled out, so in some case the $100 limit may still be in place at certain retailers. 

When paying for purchases, customers should be guided by following the PIN pad prompts. Remember, if your purchase is over $200, simply insert your card and hit credit, then enter your PIN.

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