Royal Australian Air Force special-edition AF100 Visa Debit card.


On 1 June 2021, Australia’s Defence Bank will launch a special-edition AF100 Visa Debit card design to commemorate the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as they celebrate their 100th year of service to Australia.

This special edition debit card links to our popular Everyday Access Account and showcases the approved RAAF centenary design using a jet and trail theme and will temporarily replace the RAAF blue-camo design card while stocks last.

To learn more about the RAAF centenary visit

How can I get an AF100 Visa Debit card?

The special-edition AF100 Visa Debit card design is no longer available.

Don’t forget to add your card to your digital wallet.

Members can also add the new AF100 Visa Debit card to their digital wallet before receiving their physical card in the mail. Simply follow the instructions here, or call 1800 033 139 for help.

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