Learn how to spot a scam this Scams Awareness Week.

Defence Bank strongly supports Scams Awareness Week which is an annual campaign that aims to reduce the impact of scams by helping consumers identify and avoid scams.

The campaign is hosted by the Scams Awareness Network and led by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The network aims to reduce the impact of scams by raising awareness and encouraging the public to talk about scams and report them.

Scams cost Australian consumers, businesses and the economy hundreds of millions of dollars each year and cause serious emotional harm to victims and their families.

Know how to spot a scam.

This year’s Scams Awareness Week theme is 'How to spot a scam'.

With scammers continually developing new ways to catch people out, we need to increase our vigilance in checking for those little clues that can alert us that something is a scam.

Visit the Scamwatch website for scam news or follow @Scamwatch_gov_au on Twitter.

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