How can I avoid paying ATM fees?

In Australia, it’s now easier than ever to avoid paying ATM fees, yet people still seem to be incurring charges when using these machines.

Let’s look at some simple ways you can put money back into your pocket.

Find a major bank ATM, they’re free!

There is no excuse to be paying ATM fees when all four of the major banks no longer charge customers of other banks a $2 fee for withdrawing cash from their ATMs.

Defence Bank members now have access to over 7,000 free ATMs Australia-wide with the removal of this fee.

Use a Defence Bank ATM.

Defence Bank has a network of their own ATMs located at selected branches across Australia. In addition to being conveniently located on base, these ATMs are free for Defence Bank members.

Don’t overdraw.

Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account when making an ATM withdrawal. This is to avoid incurring any decline fees.

Get cash out at the supermarket.

Next time you’re at the supermarket, why not withdraw your money when paying at the eftpos terminal? It’s free and will save you trying to locate an ATM.

Choose the right transaction account.

When selecting an Everyday transaction account, look for one that has wide ATM access, no eftpos fees and no monthly account keeping fees like the Defence Bank Everyday Access account. This way you can save more than just those pesky ATM fees.

Learn more about the Defence Bank Everyday Access account.

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