Transition - top tips from members.

For whatever you need, for whatever’s ahead, Defence Bank knows your journey and understands transition – not just for you but also for those close to you. Your achievements throughout your Defence career have been well earned, and as a member of Australia’s Defence Bank, you’re set to reap the rewards long after you transition out.

Here’s a snapshot of the top tips and advice from members who have already transitioned out.

“Set yourself up financially and ensure you have a plan – a job you are going to or retirement funding, and the support of those around you to make it happen.”

“The army provides support for all your personal admin, whereas civilian life responsibility lies with you.”

“Plan, plan, plan.”

“As with any major change in one’s life, transition will not affect just the serviceman or woman. Therefore, be sure to include those around you in the process through effective two-way communication to assist all involved with the changes in routine.”

“Defence Bank has always been part of my life, and it was one area I didn’t have to change when l left the ADF. I was able to allot my super payments and wages as normal and continue using all the bank’s facilities.”

“A lot of ADF seem to think they have to leave Defence Bank when you leave the service, when in fact you don’t at all. Transition is one of those times you need them the most.”

“It’s funny because I only joined Defence Bank after I left full-time army. All these years I could have been with Defence Bank.”

Top tips from Defence Bank.

Take advantage of our Salute account.

Our Salute account rewards Australian Defence Force members who have been deployed, have reached 15 and 25 years of service, or have transitioned, with bonus interest for 12 months.* For those who’ve been deployed as part of Operation Bushfire Assist or Operation Covid-19 Assist, you may be eligible for the Salute account. It’s our little way of saying ‘thank you’.

Find out more about our Salute account.

Contact a Defence Bank wealth investment officer.

They know all about the Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme and the Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Scheme. You will find it comforting to know that you have the right information and support in this area.

Superannuation options and advice.

Back yourself.

A new life stage might bring something new - be it a car, gadget, holiday or long-awaited home renovation, and that might include talking to us about a personal loan.

More about our personal loan.

There for you then, here for you now.

At Australia’s Defence Bank we talk the same language, we understand Defence life, and we understand transition.

“There was no change to my Defence Bank banking routine, from the moment I joined as a cadet to even after 13 years of retirement. I did finally move to a different state but, fortunately, with electronic banking coming into its own… together with email, their Contact Centre, website, app, great staff, fee-free ATMs… my family, like me, continue to be proud Defence Bank members.”

“For me, Defence Bank made it not as difficult as I thought it could have been when I finally left the Australian Defence Force.”

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Important note: This information is of a general nature and is not intended to be relied on by you as advice in any particular matter. You should contact us at Defence Bank to discuss how this information may apply to your circumstances.

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