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Online Banking

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Defence Bank's Online Banking service is fast, secure, convenient and easy.

Register for Online Banking

Register for Defence Bank Online Banking by selecting the link below. Once completed, return the form to your local branch or fax to
(03) 8624 5892.

High-level security

Defence Bank is at the leading edge of online banking security. As proof of this, an additional second factor authentication has been introduced. This means, in addition to your normal password, you have a second alpha/numerical password to be entered on a floating keypad.

These security measures and the forced password changes work best when combined with your own firewalls, current virus protection and anti-spyware software. In addition, Defence Bank has introduced Symantec™ Validation & ID Protection (VIP). With VIP, you can enjoy an additional layer of security when transacting on Defence Bank’s Online Banking site.
VIP allows you to use an application downloaded to your mobile phone to generate your secondary password.

Once set up, you continue to log into Defence Bank’s Online Banking using your current member number and passwords. Any secondary passwords required to complete a banking transaction are generated on your mobile’s VIP application. This means you no longer need to remember or reset secondary passwords.

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