International Payments

Any time a member goes overseas, it’s best to let us know so we can be aware of any overseas transaction, or we know why we’re unable to contact you. You can lodge your overseas travel in the app, or by giving us a call.

It’s important to ensure the exact details below are used, especially when the international BSB differs from the domestic BSB.

Beneficiary bank. Cuscal Limited
1 Margaret Street
Sydney NSW 2000
BSB. 803-205

Beneficiary account.

Beneficiary name.

Transaction account
number (max 9 digits)

As per account

Intermediary Bank BIC/SWIFT code. NATAAU3303M

It’s also important to note that inbound transfers in Australian dollars require the Cuscal SWIFT code or BIC only. Inbound transfers in foreign currency require both the Cuscal SWIFT code or BIC and the intermediary bank SWIFT code or BIC.

Definitely! Just make sure you’re on top of any fees and charges that may apply.
View fees and charges.

Your Visa card will automatically convert any currency it needs to while you’re overseas. You can also contact your local branch to ask them about the Cash Passport that we offer as a third party.