Switching to Defence Bank.

It's easy to switch to Defence Bank.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you through it.

Let us take the hassle out of your move to Defence Bank through our switching process, where we work with your old bank to switch a lot of your regular payments to your new Defence Bank account.

To do this, follow these two simple steps.

Step 1. Open a Defence Bank Everyday Account.

To join us and open an account, click here or visit your local Defence Bank branch.

Step 2. Switch your regular payments to your new account.

Download the switch of regular payments form.

or complete it at any Defence Bank branch. This form authorises Defence Bank to get a list of all the regular debits and credits to and from your old bank account, which includes things like your salary, rent, a gym membership or insurance policies.

Once you have completed this form, send us a Secure Message via Secure Messaging in Online banking or the app or fax to 03 8624 4711.

Tip: If you are posting, emailing or faxing your membership application to us, please make sure you have completed the certification section of the form and include the required certified copies of your identification.

Manual switch.

If you like, you can contact your employer and utility/service providers yourself notifying them of your new banking details. To make this process easier, we have a number of templates as outlined below that you can use:


Important things to know before you make the switch.

Please read the FAQs here before you switch to Defence Bank.

Tip: Keep some money in your old account until you are sure all your regular payments have been switched to your new account.


Need more information on switching to Defence Bank?

If you need any more information about switching to us, call our Contact Centre on 1800 033 139, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm AEST, or you can send us a Secure Message or use the Contact Us form.