What are Defence Bank’s international payment details?

What are Defence Bank’s international payment details?

Defence Bank only deals in Australian Dollars, so if sending funds from overseas in foreign currency you are required to use the Intermediary Swift Code to have the funds converted into AUD before reaching Defence Bank/Cuscal.

Beneficiary bank. Cuscal Limited
1 Margaret Street
Sydney NSW 2000


(If the sending institute doesn’t have a BSB Field do not enter the BSB before the account number but add the BSB in the Notes Field)


Beneficiary account.

Beneficiary name.

Transaction account
number (max 9 digits, do not use membership number in this field)

As per account

Intermediary Bank BIC/SWIFT code.


To provide the correct details to the sending bank, follow the following steps in online banking:

  1. Log on to Defence Bank online banking.
  2. Select Transfer/Pay from the menu and select Receiving Money from Overseas.
  3. Scroll down and choose Click here to use Defence Bank’s Inward Transfer Service.
  4. Fill in the details as prompted so it will generate a Remittance that can be supplied to the Initiating Bank.

If you require further assistance, contact our Member Care team on 1800 033 139.