Social media rules and guidelines.

Our social media profiles.

Here at Defence Bank, we see ourselves as part of the broader Defence community and as a mutual bank, are wholly owned by our members.

The primary purpose of our social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn et al.) is to connect with you, our members, provide an additional channel for you to obtain information about Defence Bank’s upcoming community events, products and services and to provide a forum in which you can express your opinions and ideas.

Defence Bank social media guidelines.

Wherever possible, we will respond to your queries as soon as they are received. Please be aware that we will only be able to respond to you during business hours (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm AEST/AEDT) so unfortunately we cannot respond to you outside of these times. We will always get back to you no later than two business days from your enquiry.

In order to ensure that you have a positive experience with us on social media, please read and follow the guidelines below.

Be friendly.

Remembering not everyone will necessarily agree with your opinion, be open minded and fair in your dealings with other users.

Do not use obscene and/or offensive language or post material that others may find offensive, or abuse, hassle or troll any individuals or groups.


To protect your privacy and the security of your accounts, do not post any personal or confidential bank account information, especially account numbers and passwords. Defence Bank will never ask you to publicly share any personal or private details.

Similarly, where either a comment or feedback is provided that is of a personal or financial nature, you may be advised to alternatively contact us directly via either our Contact Centre or via email to discuss further. In order to protect your privacy rights, Defence Bank will not engage in any conversation via social media with any user where information that relates to a personal or financial circumstance is discussed.

Please do not post commercial messaging of any kind (including self promotion, promotion of organisations, propaganda, spam and marketing messaging, as well as content protected by copyright or trademark).

In order to protect you and us, we will, as soon as we are aware, use our discretion and may delete any comments or posts containing detail of this nature or which we consider potentially fraudulent. We may also block user/s who post these types of entries from contributing in future.

See Defence Bank's Privacy Policy.

Monitoring of social media channels.

In order to protect both you and us, we will monitor our social media channels during our business hours to check for any posts or comments made that contain any information that is either of a potentially offensive, obscene or fraudulent nature, contains personal information or is a commercial message.

As soon as we become aware of such a post or comment having been made, we will use our discretion and delete such post(s) from the channel in question.

Finally, we also reserve the right (where the social media channel allows) to block users from Defence Bank social media channels and blogs at our sole discretion, without notice.


We value your feedback, when you post a particularly positive comment we may use this to promote Defence Bank or for training and other business purposes.

Our social media profiles can be found at the footer of this page.


Disclaimer: Whilst Defence Bank monitors online content, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The views, comments or policies expressed by users do not reflect those of Defence Bank Limited.