Verify Defence Bank.

What is Verify Defence Bank?

Verify Defence Bank is a service that enables you to authenticate if a person contacting you and claiming to be from Defence Bank is genuine. It initiates a verification of the caller via secure message in the Defence Bank app or via online banking.

Why Verify Defence Bank?

Occasionally, we might reach out to discuss your Defence Bank accounts or products. For the safety and security of your money and personal details, it's important for you to make sure you're interacting with a genuine Defence Bank representative. Keeping your information updated is one effective method to safeguard your accounts and shield you from potential fraud.

In the current climate of escalating scam and fraud calls, working out if the caller is who they claim to be can be challenging. Verify Defence Bank allows you to confirm that it's truly us calling, ensuring that you're conversing with a verified member of the Defence Bank team.

How to use Verify Defence Bank.

All you have to do is ask the caller to send the Verify Defence Bank Secure Message through the app or Online Banking. If the message comes through, you know you're safe to disclose your details with the caller.

How to receive a Secure Message.

Note: You can only view a Verify Defence Bank Secure Message in the Defence Bank app or Online Banking.